‘Skinny Parisien’ Chocolate Mousse

‘Skinny Parisien’ Chocolate Mousse

I often find myself eyeing-off delicious chocolates and pastries in Paris boulangerie windows as I walk around the city. As much as I’d love to succumb to the pleasure of buying something sweet every day, I’m sure my dress size would also succumb just as quickly, so I have perfected this recipe to satisfy my chocolate cravings and save big time on the calories (which I then make up for in either cheese or wine)!

skinny chocolate mousse

Eat with pleasure, no need for guilt


300 grams silken tofu

3 tbsps. top quality cocoa powder (I use Van Houten)

1/2 teaspon Agar Agar powder

100 mls tbsp cold water or milk – soy/diary/nut milk

Powdered or liquid natural sweetener to taste (Natvia stevia powder or Stevia drops works well) but must be added at when the mixture has cooled a little.

A few drops of natural orange, vanilla or peppermint flavour (optional)


Put cold water/milk and agar agar powder in a medium-sized pot with cocoa powder and slowly bring them to the boil until the powder has dissolved. Add the sweetener and then the drops of natural flavouring. Set aside to cool

In a bowl, place the drained silken tofu and slowly add the warm cocoa mixture. Blend using a smoothie maker or hand whizz until just combined. Taste to test sweetness. Transfer the mixture to serving bowls and refrigerate.

Within 35-40 minutes your mousse will have cooled and set- ready to eat and just in time to attack that chocolate craving before you run out the door and buy that chocolate Mille-feuille!


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