Bonjour and welcome!

Rachel Bajada_Paris_Carla_Coulson_sml

Palais Royale Gardens, Paris. Photo by Carla Coulson for
Inside Out Magazine, 2011

I’m Rachel, (ex) Aussie expat, food lover and incurable culinary traveller. This blog was written during my time living in Paris, where I lived, and loved the sweet life in France. La France – where everyday life revolves around the appetites of its people, with rich regional diversity and world-renowned gastronomy, this country never ceased to amaze me, or my stomach! Discovering a country’s culture through its food is my passion and is the most rewarding and insightful way I’ve found to uncover the heart and soul of a country.

I was born and grew up in Australia, although by blood I’m 100% Maltese, which may explain my love for sun-worshiping, a good fiery argument over a bottle of red, and the allure of a Mediterranean lifestyle. So, one summer’s day, whilst contemplating over a long latte and Bondi seaside brunch, I decided to pack up my sunny Sydney life into lots of little boxes and move to this crazy country called France. Ahhhh La France… the country where I dreamed of living out the French Paradox by eating my way around the country, magically ‘absorbing’ the language, and discovering all the rich culinary secrets this culture has to offer. So that’s what I did, and where I stayed for almost 3 fabulous years before returning to Australia where I have since set up my own business.

Rachel Bajada Canal St Martin Paris

Canal St Martin, Paris

So I have left my blog up to share with you my passion for the culinary world, my perpetual cheese addiction, insider tips on Paris living and dining, and of course the stories about food, its history, and the surrounding people and cultures that really matter. Thank you, La France for these wonderful experiences, and I hope you enjoy reading about them too.

Welcome and bienvenue.



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